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Logging-on is for retaining choices placed on the Compare page.

In most cases your choices are automatically held anyway, unless your IP# changes or you move to a different device.

For easy memory try using the first 6 letters of your last name plus random numbers if fewer than six.

Examples: HALIBE for Ms. Haliberton, or SMITH9 for Mr. Smith.

Clicking New Users checkbox assures a search confirming your entered user name is not already taken.

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Keep it simple, easy to remember, and make a note.

But don't forget: never make passwords on other websites so easy to guess.

Super simple is ok here because the Endico site is very low-security and no personal information is ever taken or sales finalized from the Compare page.

Mary can also provide your user name if needed.

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Endico Watercolor Originals, P.O. Box 31, 1386 Kings Highway, Sugar Loaf, NY 10981-0031

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