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Endico watercolors found in permanent museum collections.
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This page links to selected Endico watercolor originals that have already been acquired by permanent museum collections. Other works may be reviewed by clicking through those currently available for purchase, in private collections or in the online archives. This overview of the Endico body of work outlines the genesis of haute conduite.

The museum links are being finalized with museum profiles planned. While research is being conducted to track down all the resources, be sure to ask your favorite museum if they've been included yet. Please let us know about missing locations.

Curators may inquire about our list of benefactors and donors using the Quick Query Form.

Endico watercolors in permanent museum collections

permanent collection

Ashville Museum

permanent collection

Chester Historical Society


permanent collection

Kentucky Museum



permanent collection

New York State Museum



Otherwise, where have all the Endico's gone?

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Also at the same level as museum acquired

New York State Legislative Resolution
commending Endico Watercolor Originals
40th Anniversary
[ view on New York State Senate website ]
plus and especially

Mary Endico in her studio advising d'Arches watercolor papers fall of 1983

shown left to right:
Bernard Geurlain (U.S. Distributor)
Mr. Emile Meyer (d'Arches General Manager)
Michel Kerangueven (d'Arches Chief Engineer)
Mary Endico (painting as always)

Some events rise to the same level as having one's works acquired by permanent museum collections.

Above is shown Mary Endico acting as consultant to the plant manager, chief engineer, and primary U.S. distributor of d'Arches Watercolor Papers.

Of course d'Arches was already one of the world's leading manufacturers of watercolor papers at the time, but Mary helped them get just a little better.

Below is the paper trail.

Click to read
Proposal from d'Arches p. 1
Click to read
Proposal from d'Arches p. 2
Click to read
Thank You from d'Arches
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