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Endico Curator's Guide:
haute conduite watercolor

ISBN: 978-0-9827073-2-6
ISBN: 978-0-9827073-3-3

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In the meantime, work on the Endico book continues full tilt. The online reprint of the introduction and first chapter provides a brief outline of the Endico haute conduite style.

Timeline of the Endico haute conduite watercolor style

The book is divided into three sections: 1) historic predicates and perspective, 2) survey of Endico paintings through the last quarter 20th and beginning 21st century, 3) technical analysis of Endico studio techniques along with discussions of problems and solutions for fine art publishing.

A full glossary, index and color plate guide is also included. The book promises to be a great resource for Endico collectors, museum curators and gallery owners...as well as for serious students and working artists.

At left is a photo of the Phase One digital scanning back and large format camera purchased by the Endico studio for production of the book. It is being used to photograph paintings for reproduction and archiving.

The system can scan at 10,500 x 12,000 pixels, providing significant improvement in color and detail when compared to film.

Combined with a state of the art color proofing station and Barco V color proofing monitor, the scanning back allows plates in the book to set new standards for the finest and most accurate reproduction of original art work.

At right is the Endico studio's proofing station which is used to insure that the color of archival digital scans are true to the originals. 

Print output is also monitored in this calibrated color- correct environment. Every effort has been made so final printing accurately represents the original paintings

The lights are monitored electronically and replaced with new ones when they fall outside a calibrated standard. 

Also shown is the calibrated Barco V proofing monitor.  It is part of the Windows 2000 system on which all critical image editing and print pre-press work is completed.

Now that the Endico studio has added the large format digital scanning-back camera, copy stand, color reference monitor, pre-press proofing printer, four editing computers and expanded network storage for archival reproduction, the next phase of moving toward video production has begun. On deck is the purchase of video equipment and DVD authoring software in order to efficiently tie other media into the book process.

Print service providers are also being reviewed in order to select the best possible print reproduction.

Curators and gallery reps may use the Quick Query Form to insure their holdings will be represented in the book.

Following are selections from the book's growing bibliography. Brief abstracts are included for those wishing to choose preliminary reading prior to publication.


Canady, John. Mainstreams of Modern Art. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1959. [College text discussion of 19th and 20th century art with an in-depth review of historic predicates. Front matter includes a complete index of the books illustrations arranged alphabetically by artist. The book begins with fifteen full color prints that provide a quick directory of the major study areas.]

Donnellon, Kenn. "A Brief Narrative History of Color Photography." Photo Techniques Magazine, Sept/Oct 1997, 22-31. [This article contains a glossary of terms with descriptions and comparisons of photographic print processes (from "Autochromes" to "Tinted Photographs"). It discusses the problems of color reproduction. Of special interest are the comparisons of Giclée (Iris), Dye Transfer (discontinued by Kodak in 1995) and Cibachrome prints. The article also provides a bibliography of 17 reference works.]

Grolier Interactive. Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia. Danbury, CT: Grolier Interactive, Inc., 1997. CD-ROM. [This 2 CD-ROM set, multimedia encyclopedia provides an excellent interactive visual time line. It has good local search, bookmarking and embedded cross-reference links plus online Internet links. It also includes expanded topic areas organized through: 1) "Interactivities" - based on single-screen visual links; 2) "Guided Tours" - using categorized lists of links. The depth of content is shallow, but the organization of the content is excellent, and all the basic elements necessary for effective information exchange are in place. The format will easily allow for increased content as storage capacity of digital mediums increases (i.e, DVD) and it currently provides an excellent example of correct multimedia organization and presentation.]

Hill, Tom. Color for the Watercolor Painter: new enlarged edition. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1982. [With an overview of studio materials, tools and technique, this book is a compreensive discussion of the properties of high-grade tube watercolors applied to acid free papers. Use of the color wheel is illustrated with full color plates coupled to methods for using various palette types (i.e., monochromatic, two-color and three color palettes). Special attention is given to staining, transparency, opacity, dilution and glazing. Methods are shown for testing various stocks of color and paper.]

Janson, H. W. History of Art. 2nd ed. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1971 <1962>. [This premier survey of art is used as the standard introductory text by many colleges and universities. It divides into four periods: 1) The Ancient World, 2) The Middle Ages, 3) The Renaissance, 4) The Modern World. A postscript deals with the meeting of east and west cultures and back matter synoptic tables cross-reference major events in Politics, Religion, Science, Architecture, Sculpture, Painting & Mixed Mediums. An extensive bibliography is included which is categorized according to the periods discussed.]

Osborne, Harold <editor>, et. al,. The Oxford Companion to Art. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1970. [This handbook companion to study arranges art terms alphabetically and discusses them with definitions expanded by articles in a format similar to that used for encyclopedias. The term "art" is used here in its narrower sense and refers to visual art while discluding theatre, dance, etc.]

Winsor & Newton. "Artists' Water Colour: perfecting the fine art of water colours." , single sheet folded. Harrow, England: ColArt Fine Arts and Graphics Limited, 1996. [Full tube watercolor product range brochure of technical specifications divided into sections on new colors, modified colors, discontinued colors along with a printed color chart.]

Winsor & Newton. "Hand Painted Colour Chart: perfecting the fine art of water colours." , 2. Harrow, England: ColArt Fine Arts and Graphics Limited, 1996. [Single-fold heavy-stock brochure with hand painted watercolor paper swatches key coded regarding permanency, transparency, chemical content and packaging. A must for the serious watercolor artist because the true color of the products are provided in a way that printed color charts cannot match.]


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