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ANIMAL PRINTS: Currently Discontinued, extended information below

Endico Animal Print - Elephant

Endico Animal Print - Rabbit


The earliest examples of the hand colored prints shown above (and similar) were made by Mary as she hand-traced her own original drawings then brushed on color accents using her watercolor palette.

Later examples were done on prints of the original black and white line drawings, but they were still hand colored by Mary. Eventually they were colored using marker pens instead of watercolor and brush.

The most recent examples were still hand colored prints of the line drawings done with marker pens but were usually colored by one of Mary's apprentices, though Mary always did some of them herself.

Of course, all versions carried the fine grace of Mary's artistic hand which had created these indelible characters to become prized possessions of many families and collectors.

The Endico Studio still maintains all of the original line drawings in their archives, but the hand colored prints themselves are currently out of production—though they remain a much loved aspect of the Endico legacy.

Below is a view of an original line drawing that was used for developing the rabbit print above:

 Original Endico line drawing

Below is a table outlining the various categories of production methods. Hand coloring may have been done by Mary or an apprentice. Earliest production works were traced then colored with watercolor and brush by Mary, later versions were prints of the line drawings colored with marker pen which might have been done either by Mary or by an apprentice. In between stages include prints colored by hand with watercolor and brush instead of marker.

AOL original line drawing without color
AOW original line drawing with watercolor highlights
ATL tracing of line drawing without color
ATW tracing of line drawing with watercolor highlights
APL print of line drawing without color
APW print of line drawing with watercolor highlights
APM print of line drawing with marker-pen color highlights

Here is an approximate time-line for the production methods:

1) Original pen & ink with watercolor highlights

2) Pen & ink tracings highlighted with watercolor

3) Prints of pen & ink outlines highlighted with watercolor

4) Prints of pen & ink outlines highlighted with marker-pen

Apprentices may have done the highlighting for prints beginning at method 3.

Following is a listing of the types of images that were produced.

BUL bull
CAT cat
CRN unicorn
DCK duck
DOG dog
ELP elephant
FIS fish
FLD donkeys, and flowers
FRG frog
GIR giraffe
HIP hippo
HRB horse 'n' butterfly
HRS horse, smoking
KOA koala
LIO lion
LOW horse, low cal
LVB lovebirds
LVD donkeys, in love
MAM monkey, mama/baby
MOO moose
MOU mouse
OWL owl
PNG penguin
PPA monkey, papa/flower
RAB rabbit
RUN horse, what me run
SHE horse, sheriff
SNA snail
TED teddy bear
TRD donkey in trees
WHA whale
ZEB zebra
SCRN unicorn, small
SELP elephant, small
SFIS fish, small
SFRG frog, small
SGIR giraffe, small
SLIO lion, small
SLOW low cal, small
SPNG penguin, small
SRUN what me run, small
STED teddy bear, small


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